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I would like to exchange my WorldGift voucher for a different gift or experience, what do I do?

Don't worry, your order was purchased directly from the WorldGift website so rest assured, we will be able to help you. All you need to do is browse through our huge range of exciting gifts and experiences to select which you would like to swap this voucher for. Go to the Voucher Amendment Form and enter both the unique voucher reference number and pin code for your current voucher, along with the requested details of the new WorldGift gift or experience you want to swap it with. Simple!


Within ???? days your old voucher will be invalidated and your new replacement voucher emailed to you.


Please note:


  • Your exchanged voucher will retain the original expiry date of your current voucher so please bear this in mind when starting this process. 
  • If you choose to exchange for a gift or experience which is of lesser value than your current voucher, you will have the remainder of the balance credited to your WorldGift account. If you are the beneficiary or do not hold an account with us, please instead contact Customer Services so they can process the part-refund for the purchaser of the voucher.
  • If you choose to exchange for a gift or experience which is of greater value than your current voucher, you will be asked to pay for the remainder of the balance online before completing.




I purchased a WorldGift gift or experience and I would like a refund, what do I do?

Don't worry, your order was purchased directly from the WorldGift website so rest assured, we will be able to help you. If your purchase was less than 30 days ago and you have not yet booked or amended or extended your voucher then you can go to the Voucher Amendment Form and select 'Refund' provide the unique voucher reference number and pin code for your voucher and the refund will be credited back to your WorldGift account within ?????? days. Please note, some of our gifts and experiences may require you send us more detail in order to process the refund. If that is the case, our WorldGift Customer Service Team will get in touch with you and assist you step by step.


Please note, we will need a minimum of ?????? days to process any of the above requests for you. If you have missed the deadline on your voucher or need to amend/exchange/request a refund for more than one voucher at a time, you can get help from our Customer Service Team by sending a note via our Contact Page on our website. We cannot exchange, refund or amend vouchers that have been:



  • Won as part of a competition
  • Awarded as a corporate gift 
  • Purchased for specific dated Events or Festivals and Music Concerts or Gigs unless the Event, Festival, Concert or Gig is cancelled by the promoter. In these instances, the WorldGift team will work with the promoter to resolve the issue.



Peace of Mind - our WorldGift guarantee...

Here at WorldGift we want you to be happy with your purchase, gift and experience. We fully comply with local Consumer Rights Regulations for on-line purchases. If you are not happy with any gift or experience you have purchased, simply let us know within 30 days of experiencing or receiving the gift by using the Contact Page on our website and selecting "Unhappy with My Purchase". Use this form to let us know the details including your unique voucher reference number and any details of your complaint so our WorldGift Care Team can look into it. Where a complaint is upheld, we will process a full refund (including any delivery costs where applicable) for you. If you are returning a physical item that is not faulty, you will be expected to bear the cost of return and the cost of the item only, will be refunded. We are unable to refund any gifts that are "bespoke" or "made to order" as well as any gifts where hygiene concerns will be in play such as undergarments, or any gift made from natural materials as colours may naturally vary depending on where and how the natural material was sourced. As a product of nature, we cannot guarantee that all products will be of a uniform nature.  


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